Trendster.ninja – what’s this all about?   

Trendster – we’re identifying upcoming trends
Ninja – trends that are under the radar

mine the future

mine the future™ – we’re here to make money off these trends
How?  By identifying them, analyzing them, investing in them.

investing website

mine the future™
This is a members-only site.  Why?  Because we only want those who are seriously interested in learning about upcoming trends and how to invest in those trends in order to build profits.

This site is not for everyone.  

Are there any requirements to join?  Yes.  Your name and email.

Can you unsubscribe?  Yes.  At any time.
Is this subscriber list safe and free of spam.  Yes.

About once-a-month, I may send a special offer or a freebie that is only sent to those who are on the list.  

Feel free to invite your friends to visit this site, so you can have someone to partner with, someone you trust and know, should you decide to make a future investment.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, Kris Kemp, anytime, at: bicycledays@yahoo.com

Kris Kemp
writer, consultant
mine the future™